"Waste –A Global emerging problem for our planet"

Our Technology

The amounts of waste produced daily around the world is immense and with tremendous global effects. We provide existing technology, patented and certified, which can turn municipal solid waste into re-usable products, like biofuel, wire, carbon black, all market compatible.

Ansa Smart Energy ‘s technology transforms waste into resuable products.

About WTF Solution

Waste To Enegry Solution -as a provider of waste management technology our clients can be assured that our company’s number one priority is to aid and resolve landfill/waste deposit issues, by turning waste problems into reusable energy sources. WTE solutions designed specifically for small communities and entities looking to process less than 300 tonnes of waste per day


Ansa Energy believes that a sustainable way from Waste to Energy is phyrosis. Pyrolysis is considered to be one of the sustainable solution that may be economically profitable in large scales and minimise environmental concerns especially in terms of: Waste minimization, Carbon sequestration, Soil amendment, Energy/heat supply.


Another specilization of Ansa Energy is Biogas.Every farm or food enterprise generates by-products which are eminently suited to biogas production. The targeted utilisation of organic waste can help generate energy and heat. Biogas-fuelled gas engines improve waste management while maximising the use of an economical energy supply.

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