"Waste –A Global emerging problem for our planet"

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ANSA Smart Energy is a provider of machinery and existing technology for waste processing and waste management into reusable energy sources.

We offer a turn-key plant with proven, existing, technology , EU certified, and with almost non-existent plant emissions . This technology has the capability to transform municipal waste into energy like electricity, biogas or fertilizer.

Our waste management solution targets the increasing issues of handling community waste in landfills, depositing cost as well as eliminating the problem of uncollected waste to cause health and pollution threats to the public.
Transforming waste into reusable energy can be achieved by the technology our company offers.
It is a waste to energy solution fulfilling all EU standard requirements, ISO, SGS, and CE certification, and it is environmentally friendly with very low emission. The flow chart shows step by step the process in which solid waste can be processed obtaining different reusable products.

The technology is based on pyrolysis, an existing technology. Pyrolysis is a common term for a carbonisation process where the chemical compounds of biomass are decomposed, all in a low-oxygen atmosphere. Pyrolysis has been proven to be a sustainable solution for the future as well as economically profitable considering the various products of renewable energy. Not only can the Sync-gas produced by the pyrolysis reactor operate the reactor itself but also to operate a generator in order to produce electricity.

The outcome of the products is dependent on the composition of the waste and the caloric value.
Content of garbage:
Plastic, paper, cardboard, organics (perishable household waste), metal, glass, wood, stone

Products: biofuel, carbon black, biogas, fertilizer. Biofuel and biogas can be further used to produce electricity.
The chart shows the quantities of obtained product output based the amounts and composition, caloric value of the waste.

Waste To Energy Long Term Solution Benefits

• Transforming municipal waste in very profitable and market compatible reusable energy sources
• Sustainable technology using some of its products to operate
• Low Emissions, environmentally friendly
• Eliminating Landfill issues and associated costs long term
• Waste process capacity 25-180 tonnes/day

Time Frame of Project implementation

Phase 1. Proposal and establishing budget requirements
Phase 2 :Prepare and design plant, establish feasibility study, financing , acquiring all required permits
Phase 3: Building plant facility (2-3 month)
Phase 3: Delivered machinery and set up (3 months)
Phase 4: Start-up commissioning, plant ready to operate

Plant Options we offer:

 Turn –key plant plus operation by ANSA Smart Energy
 Turn-key plant delivered to client
 Provider of Equipment and Machinery for Pyrolysis type waste processing system

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